Sunday, February 17, 2008

Massive US meat recall due to mistreatment of animals

Health authorities in the US are conducting a massive recall of beef products in the US due to findings which suggest mistreatment of the animals. The recall represents enough beef to feed every person living in the US two hamburger patties.

Read more here: Beef Recall

Hopefully, this kind of action sends a message to meat industries world-wide. The US is not renowned for adhering to the strictest of standards in animal welfare. If a nation like this is willing to take an action of this kind it demonstrates to meat industries everywhere, including Australia, that there is a real cost in failing to meet minimum standards.

The pork industry in Australia has grown rapidly over the last decade in terms of production capacity. It has done so at the cost of both animal welfare and employment levels. By turning farms into factories you reduce the workforce and mechanise the treatment of living creatures to the point where they are ultimately treated like little more than components in the very machine they inhabit for their miserable lives.

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