Thursday, February 28, 2008

Welcome to PigAd Blog

Hi. Click on the ad for a bigger version.

If you've found this blog after reading an ad on the streets of Sydney then thanks for making it this far. Well done remembering the address.

If you've stumbled in here or followed a link then have look at the ad and the rest of the blog will make more sense.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

This blog aims to do two things. Explain how the ad came to be and provide further information on factory farming of pigs in Australia.

There are some other posts on here which talk about pigs and factory farming. Look for them in the right hand column. Or click here (how smart are pigs?) or here (factory farming films).

For the story on how I won the ad click here (I won ad space...).

For the short story read this:

I won the ad space as part of an advertising course. The prize was 100 poster sites to use anywhere in Australia.

I chose Sydney because most pig factory farms are in NSW. Pigs are kept in terrible conditions in factory farms. Because they are factories, the animal's welfare is only given consideration where it leads to more profit.

The result is that pigs are kept in cages too small to turn around in.

You and I can change this by choosing free-range pork, asking for free-range pork or giving up eating pork altogether.


Brett Rolfe said...

Nice work, and congrats on AWARD School. Some really cool media thinking here, put to use to talk about an important topic. Just goes to show how interesting advertising can be - now you just have to figure out how to make it that interesting when there are clients involved ;) Good luck with the campaign!

Luke said...

Thanks Brett.

Actually, there was a client. Animals Australia paid for printing and installation. I provided the ad space.

Anonymous said...

thanks for getting the message out. Hope to see more of this sort of thing because so many people are ignorant when it comes to animal welfare.

spider said...

This is great. I was so glad to see your ad when I got off at my bus stop this morning to go to work. I work in Macquarie Park, in a corporate business park, so it was a breathe of fresh air to see the words of someone with a social concience still in place.

I don't think that everyone will become vegetarian from this sort of information, but they will at least look for and create demand for more humane treatment of animals. My local butcher offers free-range pork (I'm vegetarian, but at least meat-eaters have that option).

Neil said...

Luke, fantastic work. A very clever piece of awareness raising on something important that people know so little about. How about a series of ads? :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Luke. So many people are still unaware of the conditions pigs are farmed in in this country. Please take a look at this website Another effort to get the word out there.

libby said...

WOW!! What a great thing you are doing. I just read about it on Animals Australia. I hope it's okay but I've put a copy of the ad on my blog and link back here.


Corleen said...

Bravo! Nice work Luke. I applaud your determination to get the message out there. I think if people really knew the plight of farm animals there would be a lot more vegetarians. Thank you for helping raise awareness.

Anonymous said...

Well done Luke.

Shatha said...

Luke, you have done such an amazing thing to raise awareness about the plight of pigs. Congratulations on a clever and fantastic ad. I was so happy to hear about your work and your ads. You are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

To me that seems like one big powerful way to get the message out, well done, and congratulations on winning such a fantastic opportunity to tell it like it is. I'm still smiling.It's amazing how much we can ignore about what goes on until we are shown by someone to take time and think about what goes in our mouths! I used to eat meat without a thought, until I watched the plight of the pigs on current affair + four corners. Courtesy from Animals Australia.

Anonymous said...

thanks luke
great way to use your prize. STateline on ABC had some happy pigs in the sunlight on a free range farm and it was so sad to think of the way most pigs have their lives made a misery in intensive farms. If more people know what is done to these animals to provide breakfast bacon there will be a change I am sure.
Marita Oakley

Anonymous said...

Hey, little tip. For such a copy heavy ad that appeared on a revolving eyelight, it was impossible to get the URL. I had to stand and wait for it to appear 5 times to read the entire thing. I know media choice was probably out of your control, but it's way too much copy for the medium. (Would be a great press ad though)

alan said...

Blogged you! Great ad, very worthy campaign, well done.

Luke said...

Thanks to whoever sent me the nice card and CD.

Just wanted to let you know I got it.

PS. Thanks for all the information snippets. I love that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Luke, you are a legend! I wish I had the $$$ to do more like you are. I spread the word to all my friends and have managed to convert a few friends to vegetarianism, or at the very least - free range meat. I think the more people out there talking about it, the bigger difference there will be in these animals lives. Thanks Luke.

Anonymous said...

Well done Luke - great piece of work. We have 38 rescued Pigs at home !

Best regards,

Martin from Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary in the UK